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Feras Hasan Healer and Founder of Gamma Fire Hoo Healing Sitting with Drum

Gamma Fire Hoo Healing (GFHH)

is a unique and powerful spiritual energy-healing modality

incorporating chanting, a simple mantra, light language, touch and shamanic visions.


GFHH can heal even the most difficult chronic health conditions

by first de-coding the problem and healing the Soul


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Monthly Group Chanting Subscription (Online)
Join like-minded people and heal together

 Get 4 Sessions per month for £30

Who can benefit from Gamma Fire Hoo Healing (GFHH)?

GFHH is a powerfully potent sound and vibration-based healing modality which is suitable for all people. 
GFHH will raise your frequency to improve your health on every level, healing your chakras as well as address specific physical, mental, emotional or spiritual ailments.

A large portion of Feras’s clients have chronic illnesses which were not successfully treated via other treatment options in the mainstream medical system or through other alternative healing options

Feras has treated thousands of patients internationally who have complaints as wide-ranging as:

  • arthritis, headaches/migraines, asthma

  • tumors, cancer, heart disease, diabetes

  • back pain / spinal injury,

  • neck pain, tendonitis, shoulder pain,

  • muscular pain, sciatica, fibromyalgia, shaking/shivering,

  • chest pain all types of stress, severe anxiety

  • entity attachment, soul fragmentation from a past-life trauma, black magic spells,

  • mood swings, Hashimoto thyroiditis, brain fog

  • and many, many more...


Feras Hasan holding green crystal sitting down

My Mission

My name is Feras Hasan and my mission is to raise consciousness, increase love and joy, and bring healing, health and happiness to this beautiful planet Earth and all of its inhabitants, through my chanting and spiritual knowledge.

I am dedicated to spreading the healing energy that I channel when I chant, for the raising of consciousness globally.  After more than a decade of healing thousands of clients, I have developed my own healing modality called Gamma Fire Hoo Healing (GFHH).

GFHH is an energy composed of three frequencies;

1. 'Gamma' which is the frequency of superconsciousness,

2. 'Holy Fire' which is the purification frequency, and

3. 'Hoo' which is the frequency of unconditional love.


GFHH has proven to be effective in treating physical illnesses of many varieties from rashes to back pain to hormonal issues and much more, mental illness, emotional blockages and inter-generational disease and disfunction.  GFHH seems to be helpful for the healing of almost anything, so it's worth giving it a try. I hope to see you soon for a session.

With Love, Feras Hasan


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1:1 Healing Sessions
(Online or In-person if in UK)

Personal healing sessions are conducted via Zoom, lasting either 30 or 60 minutes, but your first session must be a 60-minute session.

Clients can address specific problems in consultation with Feras. A 1:1 healing session is recommended for anyone with a problem to solve - whether you have an immediate health concern, an emotional or mental blockage or challenge, relationship problems etc. A wide range of personal issues can be successfully treated in a 1:1 session by Feras using the GFHH modality.

Clients receive a recording of their personal chanting session with Feras which includes light codes and frequencies - these will continue to work long after the session.


 Monthly Subscription to Group Sessions (Online)

Join up to 4 live chanting sessions per month of 60 minutes, provided via Zoom link. You can also participate in group Q&A after the healing session.

Before you enter a session, you will be asked to state your personal health issue, mental or emotional blockage or spiritual problem so that the Gamma Fire Hoo Healing energy can start its work in healing your problem.



In a two-day live workshop with Feras, you will learn to heal your own illness/disease/emotional or mental issues using his GFHH modality. 

You will practice what you learn with the other participants and leave the course with the ability to use this modality on your loved ones and your clients.

Included in the workshop; are morning and afternoon snacks and beverages, live group chanting meditations, individual teaching and coaching by Feras (please bring or purchase your own lunch from local cafes).

Entity Removal, Spell & Black Magic Removal & Psychic Protection Services

Feras is very talented at removing difficult, unwanted energies from persons and spaces. A large number of people are afflicted with one or more attached entities or emotions in their person, without having any idea that this is the cause for their issues, such as having a chronic bad mood, illness and disease, mood swings, unexplained anger, depression, addictions, compulsive behaviours etc.

Feras uses his unique psychic and healing abilities to see, locate and remove entities once and for all. Clients report that their life changes discernibly for the better after the entity has been removed - they feel much happier, and lighter and are able to get on with things which were previously blocked for them.

For the removal of entities either from a person or a property, Feras will conduct house calls. This service is also available online via a 1:1 session and is just as effective.

Feras also offers a lifelong psychic protection service which will ensure that you or your loved one are protected against psychic attacks of many descriptions such as; evil eye, jealous eye, black magic spells, entity attack, curses etc.

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