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About the
Gamma Fire Hoo Healing


GFHH is a unique healing modality developed by Feras Hasan.
GFHH is a compilation frequency which is channelled by Feras and includes the Golden Holy Fire energy which cleanses and purifies on the spiritual level of your energetic being.
Feras Hasan sitting flower of life behind him

Healing the Soul


GFHH is highly effective in treating;

  • a vast array of physical diseases

  • emotional imbalance, mental blockage

  • spiritual trauma. 

Feras believes that 80% of the root of all disease, suffering and illness must be healed firstly on the Soul or spiritual level, then on the mind or mental level, then on the emotional level, and finally on the physical body level. 

We can also refer to these levels as the Soul, Mind, Emotional, and Physical Body. The GFHH modality first finds the root cause of the illness and the energy and emotions related to it.  The issue is then healed on the spiritual level, creating a foundation for effective change on all other levels.

Feras can heal you by reaching the unique and specific code needed to reverse your specific health concern.

Your individual healing process actually begins as soon as you book your session!


Everyone can benefit from the GFHH modality because it is sound frequency based, therefore zero effort is required to participate in your healing session - just relax, listen and enjoy!  

Feras’s chanting, channelling, light language & light codes, healing touch and telepathic insights are available to anyone to enjoy via:

  • 1:1 healing sessions in person (UK) or online (international)

  • Group healing sessions in person or online

  • Pre-recorded video sessions

  • Live events and workshops where you can learn the GFHH mantra, your clients, and your loved ones.


GFHH comes from the Source of compassion and love. The rich and resonant timbre of Feras’s voice, and his drums and other instruments, make a GFHH chanting session soothing, relaxing and even enjoyable for your mind, body and soul. 

As the sounds vibrations and frequencies penetrate your field, you may experience:

  • alignment of the physical body which creates involuntary physical sensations and movements as you attune to your authentic self such as shivering, shaking, hot or cold sensations in the body

  • emotional release of stored negative emotions which are attached to your body related to the issue being worked on such as release of anger and sadness etc.

  • visions including seeing colors or lights, entities, events, or receiving psychic messages and other phenomena which transport you to a much deeper level of your consciousness.

Feras receives and shares with you, a lot of information he receives psychically about your condition or situation, including from;

  • your past, future or concurrent lives

  • from the Akashic Records or the Book of Life

  • from guides and other spiritual messengers

When you discuss your health condition in detail with Feras, you will find a kind, compassionate and sensitive listener. Feras has a wealth of experience to draw from in understanding your personal challenges and is totally non-judgmental.

Sound Healing

Due to the vibrational nature of GFHH, it is a suitable and effective treatment for people who suffer from debilitating mental, emotional, and physical impairments which make it very difficult for them to talk about their condition.


Sufferers of spectrum diseases such as the different types of autism, or of mental health disorders such as chronic depression, anxiety, OCD, or sufferers of irrational fears and phobias, can easily participate in a GFHH healing session and benefit without going through any kind of diagnosis process.

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Monthly Group Chanting Subscription (Online)
Join like-minded people and heal together

 Get 4 Sessions per month for £30

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