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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I experience the GFHH frequency in a session?

GFHH comes from the Source of compassion and love. The rich and resonant timbre of Feras’s voice, and his drums and other instruments, make a GFHH chanting session soothing, relaxing and even enjoyable for your mind, body and soul, though a session which brings up negative energies and experiences can also trigger deep emotions.

As the vibrations and frequencies of the sound penetrate your field, you may experience:

  • alignment of the physical body which creates involuntary physical sensations and movements as you attune to your authentic self such as shivering, shaking, hot or cold sensations in the body

  • emotional release of stored negative emotions which are attached to your body related to the issue being worked on such as the release of anger and sadness etc.

  • visions including seeing colors or lights, entities, events, or receiving psychic messages and other phenomena which transport you to a much deeper level of your consciousness.

Feras receives and shares with you, a lot of information he receives psychically about your condition or situation, including from;

  • your past, future or concurrent lives

  • from the Akashic Records or the Book of Life

  • from guides and other spiritual messengers

When you discuss your health condition in detail with Feras, you will find a kind, compassionate and sensitive listener. Feras has a wealth of experience to draw from in understanding your personal challenges and is totally non-judgmental.

How does GFHH work?

During a session, light codes and other uplifting and healing frequencies are received by every cell and light photon in your physical and energetic being, creating effortless healing. All you need to do is relax and receive the sound vibrations through your field.

Feras can heal you by reaching the unique and specific code needed to reverse your specific health concern. The GFHH modality first finds the root cause of the illness and the energy and emotions related to it.  The issue is then healed on the spiritual level, creating a foundation for effective change on all other levels.

Who can benefit from GFHH?

GFHH is a powerfully potent healing modality which is suitable for all people.  A large portion of Feras’s clients have chronic illnesses which were not successfully treated via other treatment options in the mainstream medical system or through other alternative healing options. 


Feras has treated thousands of patients internationally who have complaints as wide-ranging as; arthritis, headaches/migraines, asthma, black magic spells, back pain / spinal injury, neck pain, tendonitis, shoulder pain, muscular pain, sciatica, fibromyalgia, shaking/shivering, chest pains, all types of stress, entity attachment, mood swings, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, brain fog and many, many more.

Due to the vibrational nature of GFHH, it is a suitable and effective treatment for people who suffer from debilitating mental, emotional, and physical impairments which make it very difficult for them to talk about their condition with a practitioner. Sufferers of spectrum diseases such as the different types of autism, or of mental health disorders such as chronic depression, anxiety, OCD, or sufferers of irrational fears and phobias, can easily participate in a GFHH healing session and benefit without going through any kind of diagnosis process.

How can I access GFHH, and how often?

You can use the GFHH mantra on a daily basis. You can listen to pre-recorded chanting every day as well. You can have a 1:1 healing sessions in person (UK) or via Zoom once a week or more, or join group sessions many times each month.


If you've had a personal healing session, or a group session, you receive a recording after the session via email, so that you can continue to benefit from the healing process which started in the session.  Sign up for your 1:1 or group chanting session here.

Feras also offers regular workshops and live, in-person healing sessions at the events listed here on our events page.

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"In March 2023 I couldn’t walk, eat properly, function properly… I was diagnosed with chronic sciatica and fibromyalgia… after a few sessions (with Feras) I could walk and function much better. I thought there was no hope before I met Feras, but now I feel so much better and… I don’t feel scared."

Nina, UK

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