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Nevile, UK

I suffered from severe tendonitis of the shoulder, which was also affecting my collarbone. I heard of Feras and was sceptical, but after the first session, I noticed such an improvement that I had a second one. It has helped me a lot. There was no recurrence of the pain after 6 months, I’m very happy and pleased.”

Winston, UK

I was suffering for years with an injury from a building site accident. Eventually, I went to a hospital and turns out I had arthritis in my big toe, I walked with a limp and couldn’t wear certain shoes at all. I heard of Feras and was sceptical, but after a number of sessions the pain is so much better, I am so grateful to Feras, he is the real deal!.”

Genevieve, NL

I had a Hashimoto's Thyroiditis diagnosis. While waiting for medical treatment to start, I had sessions with Feras over a few months. As a result, I no longer had the condition, which is remarkable... Because he heals at the soul level, he has been able to get to the root cause of a lot of long-standing health issues...”

Yosara, UK

I was in a dark place. I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks. Since I came to Feras, I’m even able to smile now. I feel lighter and much more relieved. If this is happening to you then please come to Feras - he’s the light at the end of the tunnel. I feel that I am the person I was years ago.”

Effe, UK

I used to suffer from a lot of migraines since I was 14 years old, and very bad headaches, back pain, chest pains… I used to shiver and shake a lot. It was difficult for me to do sports, or bend… The doctors just gave me painkillers. Since the sessions I had with Feras, around 6-7 months ago, I haven’t had any migraines, I feel much better. I can do what I couldn’t do before. My headaches and shivering are gone… I’m a new me! Even my eyesight improved a lot. This guy is a top man, you have to give it a try, he’s fantastic.”

Linda UK

I'd gone down all different avenues to heal my rheumatoid arthritis. The pain was horrendous. Feras was my last resort. After 12 sessions, my whole life has totally changed. I no longer take any medications. Emotionally and mentally I'm in a really good place. I get really good sleep.

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Nina, UK

“In March 2023 I couldn’t walk, eat properly, function properly… I was diagnosed with chronic sciatica and fibromyalgiaafter a few sessions (with Feras) I could walk and function much better. I thought there was no hope before I met Feras, but now I feel so much better and… I don’t feel scared.”

Cody, UK

“(I came to Feras because) … my chakras were out of balance and I had a lot of negative energy, I had a mind-blowing 6-week healing journey (with Feras)… strange emotions and physical sensations came up. Now that I am on the other side I want to say thank you to Feras from the bottom of my heart.”

Haley, UK

“I started an intense job which caused me a lot of emotional stress which I felt in my shoulders and neck, as well as on an emotional level. It was beneficial for me to work with Feras, we uncovered the root level cause of my stress at work, and a lot of other things.”

Semir, UK

“I was suffering from sciatica around 3 years ago… I took painkillers for a long time and couldn’t move around my houseI even travelled abroad to have an operation but it wasn’t useful. I had a few sessions with Feras over 6 months, now I can move and there’s no pain anymore. I recommend anyone to get a session from Feras.”

Emanuel, UK

“Around 10 years ago I sustained a road accident injury and had a lot of pain in my back. I resorted to painkillers and saw a physiotherapist, an acupuncturist, a masseuse and more but nothing really worked. I had some sessions with Feras and as a result, I don’t suffer from the pain anymore!

Nadia, UK

Feras has helped me with a lot of problems like headaches, backaches, lower abdomen pain and asthma. Feras got rid of my asthma. I also suffered from a ‘black magic’ attack which had a major impact on my life. Feras got rid of the black magic spell. He is a great and special man who helps a lot. I would recommend him to anyone.”

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