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Feras Hasan hands in prayer

About Feras Hasan

My name is Feras Hasan, I was born in 1967.  In my earlier years, I never expected to become a healer. I studied physics and chemistry back home at university. I was always really interested in healing myself from my own past childhood traumas, in philosophy and how emotions affect your mind. My childhood was very traumatic, I experienced emotional, mental, physical and sexual abuse. This abuse affected my identity, my confidence and my sexuality. I was on a mission to heal myself and in the process I discovered that I could heal others.

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My Story

Back in 2003, I experienced an incident that showed me that I had special healing abilities; at that time my girlfriend and I had some pet birds which we really loved. One day one of the birds was lying on the floor of their cage and appeared to be dying. My girlfriend and the other bird were very distressed. I took the bird out of the cage and blew softly on it. Immediately it returned to health. My girlfriend was amazed! I didn’t know what I did, but I certainly did something.

In 2006, when I was 40 years old, I had a powerful daydream during a meditation which encouraged me to keep going. In the dream, I rode a white horse across the sea to an enormous castle that was filled with blinding light and an old man with a long white beard. As I entered Jesus greeted me, placing a green olive in my hand, “It is your turn brother” he said. I also say Mother Mary is there. The energy of this experience stayed with me for some time.

I was working on myself for many years, releasing a lot of suppressed emotions like anger, sadness, disappointment and much more, which was preventing me from feeling happy within myself. After I released these emotions, I started feeling much better and energy was flowing through my hands and body, to the point that I felt warm all the time, even in very cold weather.  I intuitively understood that I have the ability to heal people. In 2009 I started practising my healing skills with colleagues. I received great feedback even though I wasn’t sure what I was doing. I was advised to do some courses and I read a lot of books on the subject of healing. I was actively healing people every day but I also had a full-time job. At the same time, I was definitely healing myself and I realized that being a healer is more of an inner journey than an outer journey. Every client is an aspect of me, a mirror, so I was raising my own frequency every time I healed someone else.

I realized that it is my mission to share my gift of healing with the world, so I became a full-time healer and that is what I do today. I really love to help people, I really love to see them well. I do this work from my heart and I want to see GFHH helping people all over the world.

How I developed the Gamma Fire Hoo Healing Modality


The more self-healing I did, and healing for others, the more my frequency increased and I discovered what I was supposed to be doing here. Slowly, slowly, all the elements of my methodology came together as I was discovering my gift. The Holy Fire frequency is a gift that I have genetically and from past lives. When I heal people, many of them experience the same sensation of heat, particularly around the area being treated. Some people even start sweating. The fire is purifying you at every level, your thoughts and emotions, even your DNA and levels of your being which are invisible to your eyes.

I also started hearing the word Gamma in my mind and I was wondering what it meant, so I looked it up and discovered that Gamma is a frequency which raises awareness and consciousness. I use this consciousness frequency with my clients to assist them in raising their frequency so that they can receive the healing being offered.

One day I heard about the Sufi Dervishes from Turkey, a group were coming to the area where I live. I went to see their ritual being performed and saw the dervishes offering prayers to a very old carpet or rug. When I looked at this rug I saw spirit, then I saw the spirit inhabit the Dervish who was leading the ceremony and inspiring the activities. I received the message to incorporate Hoo from the Dervish spirit, Hoo is the energy of Unconditional Love.

This love frequency was the third element I needed for my formula and mantra. I put the three elements together and started using it as Gamma Fire Hoo Healing- firstly on myself and then on my clients. It worked amazingly. So I found my own way of healing and it really works. You don’t need to believe in this modality for it to work for you, it works for everyone - you only need to be open-minded and give it a try.

It was tough to heal myself by myself, like operating without any anaesthetic... When a problem is on the soul level, the mainstream medical industry cannot heal it. On my path to self-healing, I had no one to tell me how things are supposed to work, and what I’m supposed to feel and do. But because I have healed myself, I have gone through so much on my own, I know how my clients feel when I am healing them. I can empathise and I can tell them that even though it is a tough journey, you will be OK and you will get through it, because I did. The practical experience I gained from healing myself gave me the background I needed to become a healer myself.

I have helped people with so many different issues - cancer, diabetes, respiratory, bowel problems, so many different things… I see my clients’ lives changing for the better. I am now using chanting to heal many people at one time - I can channel healing energies through chanting, a form of sound healing, which addresses many different issues from different people simultaneously. Gamma Fire Hoo Healing is now in a format that I can easily teach people how to use it for themselves as a mantra. I want to expand my gift to help as many people as possible.

Feras Hasan man sitting on floor next to drum

Spiritual Warrior

I have become very expert in healing black magic spells, negative entity attachments which can be programs, emotional or mental attachments and spiritual attachments, as well as removing devices that have been inserted into the body from the etheric planes. I see many people who don’t know themselves anymore because attached entities are attracting different life experiences to the person which are not part of the original authentic person. People don’t know how to deal with these things, they think they are themselves but they are not. I started to understand very deeply how people are thinking and feeling - I am now very expert in healing anxiety and depression. 


Everything is energy, I burn the old, clear it and raise the frequency to bring awareness so my client can understand what happened and why, and if there is a lesson to learn from it. Most problems come from childhood and I can really understand what that is like because of my own traumas.​ Negative entities can be very manipulative and nasty, they can make you sick and mad. In order to be effective in healing people with attachments, or clearing houses with attachments (which I also do), you must be very strong, very skilful and maintain a very pure vibration. After these sessions, I use GFHH to cleanse me and release anything that I have been working with. I ask my guides and angels to help me, I always ask Mother Earth to help cleanse me - I especially find the sea very helpful. Also sea salt. I always gain back my positive mood.​


When I encounter these entities when treating clients, these entities want to fight, they threaten me, and sometimes it’s a battle. I see a lot of them with horns or skulls, or alien-looking and sometimes looking human, there are so many different types. Sometimes they try to attack me in my dreams when I’m asleep. They always try to find my weakness. They get you to think negative thoughts and drag down your vibration so they can attach to you and feed on your energy. For many clients it’s almost impossible to get out of this type of situation, they need help. I also provide long-term psychic protection for people because many times people are unaware of these things and open themselves up to attack.


I also started channelling light language with a client around 4 years ago. She was sitting in front of me and I started saying words I’d never heard before. My client was laughing but I continued. It happened again with another client and the effects were amazing. I started doing it with groups of clients online. Little changes in my voice mean changes in frequency and these changes in frequency are needed to find codes. Every illness, entity, or DNA has a code that needs to be broken and re-coded, restructured to fix the problem. So I use chanting and light language to find and say the codes needed to break and recode the illness of entities. This really proves to me that everything is frequency.

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