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Hi lovely souls ❤️ Come to our free group healing online session. Come and experience the magic that happens when you heal as much as possible. Your negative shadow images about yourself and life from your third eye chakra. The more we heal our negative shadow images in us about ourselves and life, the more we become the real image of ourselves and the more we start feeling excited about our life and the more we find peace and love and passion, the more we will enjoy our life. All these negative shadow images are imprinted in our image centre at the deepest level in our subconscious mind in our third eye chakra. The more we heal from these negative shadow images, and we open our third eye, this chakra can create any image we want to experience in life and make us more able to do that. We will be free from the negative shadows. Come and enjoy this experience, my soul family. I can't wait to see you there. I send you much much love & light ♥️🌞




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